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Season Harvest Foods is a highly vertically integrated organization, meaning we oversee the entire farming process. Quality control begins on the field where we have set NOP (National Organic Program) standards throughout our operations. We also have ongoing educational programs for our farmers that improve quality control and farming methods. Our field management team works closely with farmers to ensure the continuing improvement of the quality and fertility of our soil. Our strict farming practices produce pure, healthy vegetables and fruits while reducing environmental impact.

We use a variety of innovative bio-dynamic and earth-friendly techniques to control pests while promoting a balanced and harmonious ecosystem. This includes custom-designed lighting devices and sticking boards to monitor crops and prevent pest activity. We employ the use of a superior sampling method (chessboard sampling, see image below) to ensure the best quality produce at harvest. Vegetable samples are collected and tested to check for pesticide residue and heavy metal levels. We have established an excellent farming record system to trace our products back to specific locations in the field.

About  Us

   Season Harvest Foods is proud to offer high quality frozen organic and dried ingredients to manufacturers and wholesalers of organic products.


   Our organic production lines are equipped with state-of-art technologies to ensure the best quality finished organic products.


      Our state-of-art laboratories, allow us to conduct pesticide residue, physical, chemical, and microbiological tests for the soil, water, pre-harvested and finished products.


   Our organic vegetables are grown seasonally and processed at peak harvest season. Our organic vegetables are available upon our customers’ contract need and our logistic team will deliver our products to your door all year round.


Our products are widely used as ingredients in soups, sauces, dips, salad dressings, meal entrees, pizza toppings.

Why  Organic

   Organic vegetables offers great benefit for the human body and environment. To learn more about organic vegetables and organic farm.